What do you do when your day just does not go as planned? This actually happens a lot with us, which is why I love homeschooling. Some days when we go outside to do a new learning activity and no one is interested in being outside. The younger is crying and asking to be held... Continue Reading →

Picking her own math workbook 

Part of the reason we decided to home school is to be more involved in the curriculum choices. Once I saw all the available options I was quickly overwhelmed. I also quickly learned that just because I think it's a great workbook the person actually working out of it might not like it.  So, we... Continue Reading →

Tic Tac Toe Three In A Row!!

Yup, you've got it! I turned tic tac toe into a sight word game. I'm not sure if this was genius or crazy but she enjoyed it!  So let's get out our trusty sidewalk chalk and draw a tic tac toe board! I made the board big enough to take up almost a whole square... Continue Reading →

… it just dawned on me

Lately I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to incorporate preschool into our homeschool days for my 2 and a half year old.  Ok, ok, I said I'd be honest.... I've been freaking out about HOW to homeschool preschool for my 2 and a half year old. My mind is racing with "What... Continue Reading →

Red light! Green light! 

Remember playing Red Light Green Light as a kid? I do! That was a fun game. So here is my twist because I always have one 🙂  Get you handy side walk chalk and sight word list again!  In each square on the side walk or about every 3 feet write a sight word. We... Continue Reading →

Let’s take a Cake Walk! 

 We start all our weeks the same by working with our Hooked on Phonics book to learn our new sight words and writing our flash cards. As we tape our flash cards to the word wall we review the old sight words with the new ones.  The new activity for this week was a CAKE... Continue Reading →

Not your mama’s hopscotch.

You remember playing hopscotch, right? Where you draw the board and number all the squares then throw a rock and hop back and forth on the board? It was fun. Well I made a slight twist to the good ol' hopscotch game. For this you will need a some sidewalk chalk and a list of... Continue Reading →

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