We made the decision to home school our kids the summer before my eldest started kindergarten. I choose to do this because I felt it was best for my children. 

I will be brutally honest, I had and have no clue what time doing! I wing it most of the time. 

We started out with a very structured curriculum that was just not working out for us for several reasons. Then… life happened and we took an unexpected break for about a month.  

During that month we had a death in the family and then my husband was injured which lead to a move across town. Really, it was the best thing for us. 

Once we were a little more settled we started school again. But this time I went about it completely different. We used Hooked on Phonics for reading…. and guess what? It’s working! Along with the cd and the book, I decided to take our phonics lessons outside. I will create another post to show you the fun low prep active learning we do. 

We use every learning opportunity we can. 


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