So I gave in and joined a direct sales team. No, I'm not selling makeup, oils or even scented candles. What I am selling is something I could use over and over for each of my children. It's educational toys. If you know me you know I don't do direct sales. But this is something... Continue Reading →


My very first Product review for Klee Kids! I was given the amazing opportunity to sample some of these products. Play makeup, shampoo, conditioner, and detangler spray. The one thing that sets this company apart is all their products are made from all natural ingredients and they promise to be 100% non toxic. Now for... Continue Reading →

We enrolled our girl into a local charter school hoping and praying that it will be a better fit than our neighborhood public school. It's supposed to be more hands on and more science incorporated than a regular school. My very first impression was not that great. The school was still completing construction on meet... Continue Reading →

We are at a point where a decision needs to be made. There are many things our family needs and wants for our future. With the rising cost of living everywhere in the country we have been forced to make a decision. I must return to work and we must put our eldest in public... Continue Reading →

Sight Word Water Fight!!This week it's been disgustingly hot with a heat index of 105F. The humidity it's out of control! So the best way I know to beat the heat is to add a little water to the mix. I made some sponge balls a while back decided to use these in our sight word... Continue Reading →

My kids love Chick Fil A! Especially, when we dine in and they get to exchange what ever toy they got for an ice cream.  About a week ago I picked up Chick Fil A on my way home from one of my CPR classes and brought it home for everyone. Of course like many... Continue Reading →

Money, money, money!!!  Yesterday we went over money in the Spectrum 1st grade math book. To make the lesson more realistic, I decided it would be a great idea for IZ to count all the change in her piggy bank. ALL. THE. CHANGE.  I didn't realize there was sooo much!  We dumped out her piggy... Continue Reading →

Forgive me, for I allow screen time... That's right, you read that correctly. I allow screen time. Sometimes I even encourage it! But to be completely honest sometimes I just need a break. No, we don't watch Moana on loop, although I do admit I have probably seen Moana as many times as Frozen now.... Continue Reading →

To summer break or not to summer break?   That IS the question! When I started homeschooling my eldest I had not made up my mind on the summer break yet. I told myself I would see where we were at that point. When discussing public school schedule vs year round schooling with a friend... Continue Reading →

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