A decision has been made

We are at a point where a decision needs to be made. There are many things our family needs and wants for our future. With the rising cost of living everywhere in the country we have been forced to make a decision. I must return to work and we must put our eldest in public school.

I, unfortunately, do not make enough, consistently enough to rely on my CPR business as a source of income. Plus, I would like to go back to school for my realtor license. I will also be kicking off a gourmet bakery with my sister. I know there are many many people who are able to do multiple things and still successfully homeschool their kids but at this time I don't think I can and do everything thing well.

Our hope is that she will only be in school for the year, maybe two and then we will see if homeschool is still our preferred educational option for both our girls.

It hurts having to come to this realization. And giving up our precious time together. But I do know the amazing progress she has made and I know she will do well in any setting.

We do have some options for public school.

Our neighborhood public school
Or if we can still get in, a charter school near us name HARMONY SCIENCE ACADEMY. We have applied for two of the Harmony school in hopes she can attend one of them. After looking at the charter school they seem to do more of hands on STEM curriculum than the average public school.

I expect we will find out this week if she can attend the charter school or if she must go to regular public school. Either way I plan to continue my blog about our experience with the school hope to do some extra active learning just for fun.


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