Sight Word Water Fight! 

Sight Word Water Fight!!

This week it's been disgustingly hot with a heat index of 105F. The humidity it's out of control! So the best way I know to beat the heat is to add a little water to the mix. 

I made some sponge balls a while back decided to use these in our sight word game. The sponge balls/bombs are super easy to make and I cannot remember who's Blog I got the idea from. I'll post it if I find it again. But basically you cut some sponges in 3s or 4s and then tie a string or wrap a rubber band around the center to hold them together. Once you do that you can shape it into a star or ballish shape. 

Note: I do not have pics of the actual game because I was worried about my phone getting wet. But I have pics  of similar games and just plain fun moments so I will post those. 

I drew the same word board that I used for Simon Says but I did change up the words to match what we are now working on. 

Because my daughter just learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels she asked if she could ride her bike for this game instead of running or doing Simon Says. I let her ride her bike over the word board. 

Then I filled a bucket of water and dunked our Sponge balls in them. She got to ride around the word board and had to stop on the word I threw a sponge ball on. She would then read the word. If she got the word correct she got to throw the sponge ball at me. If she got it wrong I got the throw one at her. 

After reading a few words we then went into an all out sponge ball fight! 

I was a nice fun way to do our active learning and still stay cool. 


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