Money, money, money!!! 

Money, money, money!!! 

Yesterday we went over money in the Spectrum 1st grade math book. To make the lesson more realistic, I decided it would be a great idea for IZ to count all the change in her piggy bank. ALL. THE. CHANGE. 

I didn’t realize there was sooo much! 

We dumped out her piggy bank and separated all the coins in to piles. While separating them we discussed the worth of each coin, how to count it and how many of each coin make one dollar. Then I had her count out how many pennies equal a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. 

The plan was to count it all and see how much money she had saved up. But when I plan things they don’t usually go the way I want. While I could sit here and count coins for hours, my daughter quickly became bored with the tedious task and we didn’t get to count ALL her change. 

It was a good introduction to money and we will be able to count change on another day. 


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