To summer break or not to summer break? 

To summer break or not to summer break?


That IS the question!

When I started homeschooling my eldest I had not made up my mind on the summer break yet. I told myself I would see where we were at that point. When discussing public school schedule vs year round schooling with a friend of mine, she said her kids do school year round because “what else would I do with them all day, everyday”. And after finally getting us into a groove I have to agree with that. The summer break would throw a HUGE kink in our schedule that took me so long to finally get down.

Also, I never really liked summer break to begin with. I’ve always felt it was a waste to take such a long break. “If you don’t use it you lose it”, right? These kids spend the first 3 or so months relearning everything they forgot over the summer.

So I have decided to school year round! As of right now, this will work for us. But that could all change later down the road. I’m trying to stay relaxed and just keep it low stress. That’s the key right. One day at a time.


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  1. Most countries have all year round school with a week long break every 2 to 3 months and a 4 – 6 week break at Christmas, it gives the kids a chance to have that little break and recharge and they are excited to start back.


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