Forgive me, for I allow screen time…

Forgive me, for I allow screen time…

That’s right, you read that correctly. I allow screen time. Sometimes I even encourage it! But to be completely honest sometimes I just need a break.

No, we don’t watch Moana on loop, although I do admit I have probably seen Moana as many times as Frozen now.

We do watch a lot of educational shows. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime there are a lot of educational shows at our fingertips.

Here is a list of shows we have either watched before or still watch now. (Not in any specific order)

Super Why

Bubble Guppies

Team Umizomi

The Magic School Bus

Odd Squad


Wild Krats

Dora the Explorer

Word World

And Sid the science kid

Oh I almost forgot there are some revamped old kid shows now too like

The Reading Rainbow

The Electric company

And Bill Nye the Science Guy

There are so many educational shows now and Netflix has an awesome documentary section. We recently watched one about Butterflies that my daughter loved!

No, I don’t feel ashamed that my kids watch TV. Yes, we do watch some fun shows too.

But these “learning shows”, as my daughters call them, really help me out when we are just struggling that day.

So don’t hesitate to use them when you just need a break because let’s be honest, we all need a break sometimes. So relax, put Super Why on, and let them learn the easy way. 😉


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