Simon Says…

Simon says… touch your nose. 

Simon says… hop on one foot. 

Now… spin in circles! Ahhh GOT YOU!! 

My kids love to play Simon Says. Again, I have added a twist to the old favorite.  You will need your trusty sidewalk chalk and a your sight word list. 

This is when I love that we live in a quiet cul de sac because we have a lot of space we can use. 

I wrote out some words with the side walk chalk with plenty of space between each word. I also encouraged my daughter to write some words too. 

(Pic for proof!!)

Once the board was all written we reviewed each word written so she knew about where it was located. 

Then we played Simon Says by giving her an activity as she made her way to the word I gave her. So “Simon says… Skip to the word Win” 

This was fun because she got to run, dance, jump and really get moving. However, we live in Texas and it gets hot. Unfortunately, she didn’t last very long outside because of this but it was fun as long as it lasted. 

My plan is to come up with some indoor games so she isn’t MELTING in the summer heat too badly. 


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