Shoe tie Sight Words

This weeks game was a little different but it was still enjoyable. Next week I might let my daughter take the lead and create her own sight word game. I can tell she wants to be they way she starts trying to tell me how we are going to play the games I come up with. 

For this activity you will need your handy dandy sidewalk chalk and your list of sight words. 

Randomly write the sight words in two columns. 

(Pic for proof!) 

Then we started at one of the top words. She has to read the word then draw a line to the word diagonally across from it and read that word. This kept up till she reached the bottom and she had to draw a line across then repeat the diagonal pattern. 

Once she reached the top again, I let her have some fun and draw a bow to tie the “shoe string” sight words together. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that) 

It was simple and she liked getting to draw a bow at the end. 


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