Sometimes workbooks can be fun! 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how my daughter picked out her own math book. Well… She LOVES it! Spectrum Math Grade 1

We are still in the beginning of her workbook. The first portion of the book is “Checking what you know” she completed this with no issues and is now working on the first chapter. Adding and subtracting single digits. Her only complaint is that it’s too easy! We explained to her that these workbooks review old stuff before going on to new stuff just to make sure you know what you are doing. Because in math if you skip something you might miss something very important that will help you later on.

She understands now and happily works completes her work.

Very proud mommy here!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes workbooks can be fun! 

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  1. I got Rhyan a Pre-K workbook for her birthday since I don’t want to let her go to the choices of schools for pre-k next year. She hasn’t seen it yet, but will start on it this Monday. If this trial run of home schooling works out, I may just keep them both home.

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    1. There is nothing wrong with a trial run at any point in time. The thing I love most about homeschool is that you can teach her the way she learns best. If the workbook isn’t working, try something else!


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