Some games are worth repeating. 

What do you do when your day just does not go as planned? This actually happens a lot with us, which is why I love homeschooling.

Some days when we go outside to do a new learning activity and no one is interested in being outside. The younger is crying and asking to be held the whole time. The older is upset because she wants to do one of the other activities, red light green light. (It’s my favorite too lol.)

So I put the new game idea away and we played the game she wanted. But because fussy butt wouldn’t let me put her down I needed help! My older daughter was kind enough to write her words for me.

(Pic for proof!)

She also added in creating Go, Slow Down and Stop in free, yellow and red like a traffic light. She love being able to help set her game up. It also helped her with her hand writing and to review her sight words some more.

This time since there were more words in each square she had to read each word before I would let her run again.

Some games are worth repeating 🙂


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