Picking her own math workbook 

Part of the reason we decided to home school is to be more involved in the curriculum choices. Once I saw all the available options I was quickly overwhelmed. I also quickly learned that just because I think it’s a great workbook the person actually working out of it might not like it. 

So, we decided to let our 6 year old kindergartner have a say in her workbook. We were gifted a Star Wars workbook set that she loved! However, she was finished with the math workbook within two months. Which is really great! We were on the hunt again for a new math book at the next level. I researched online but I couldn’t make a decision. I visited several book stores and still couldn’t pick one out for her. I decided I liked the options at our local Barns and Noble because they were organized by level and subject.

When I brought my daughter to the store to pick out her math workbook she was excited! She grabbed every math book available in her level and had to find a nice quiet place to sit down and look through each book.

(Pic for proof!)

I was kind of surprised by her pick. But when she told me why she picked that book it all made since! “It had lady bugs and butterflies in it”

No matter what her reason for choosing the book she did I am very proud of her choice.

I will write a review on the workbook once we have used it some more. So far she likes it!

Spectrum Grade 1 Math Workbook let’s do this!


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