My first run in with Homeschool prejudice…

So it happened to us. And not at the place by who you would expect. Or about what one would expect. I was caught so off guard by it mainly because it was about something I honestly never expected.

Disclaimer: It’s a very controversial topic. I understand and respect everyone’s opinions and views on the subject. I am not opening the topic up for debate as I just want to get this off my chest because it really pissed me off. So any rude or negative comments will be deleted. Thank you.

My daughter got sick over the weekend. One day she was fine then the next day she didn’t feel good and today she had very labored breathing. So like any mom I took her into the local pediatric urgent care since it’s Sunday and her normal Doctor is closed.

At first everything was great. The nurse was very nice and asked what her symptoms were and my daughter told her how she wasn’t feeling good. So the nurse says she’s going to test her for the flu, rsv and strep. Awesome! Great, let’s catch this before it gets worse. She takes her vitals and the samples and leaves to have them tested.

Doc walks in. Seems nice. Listens to her chest and hears her wheezing. Says he’s going to put her on a nebulizer for a few minutes and wants to get an xray of her chest. Then asked about asthma, allergies, and if anyone at school has been sick. I tell him no, no and we home school. Well here is the exchange.

Doc: Any history of asthma?

Me: Nope.

Doc: Does she have bad allergies?

Me: Lately, yes! I’ve been giving her over the counter …..

Doc to IZ: Has anyone at school been sick?

IZ: I don’t go to school

Me: We Homeschool

Doc eyes get big and made a face: Ohhh well I think it whooping cough

Me: Whooping cough? How?

Doc: Well if you don’t vaccinate it puts her at greater risk… (blah blah blah because I interrupted his assuming rant that I don’t vaccinate my kid)

Me: She is up to date on all her vaccinations. We DO vaccinate. So how?

Doc: Oh well even with the vaccination there is still a 20ish% chance she could get it.

Me: Right, ok… well let’s see what those swab tests say.

Needless to say I will not be returning to that urgent care. He wants to treat it as whooping cough. I think we are going to go see our regular pediatrician tomorrow for a second opinion.

It’s just very disappointing to have that thrown at you in front of your child. We all do what we believe is best for our kids.


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  1. Doctors treat, they don’t heal and when they have someone come in with something they do automatically think its the same. Some don’t have the experience they are only booksmart so they are guessing. Lydia is 6mo’s old we just got back from the doctor. She said you can take her off the bottle now onto a sippy cup that way she can get used being off the bottle. I said it doesn’t take that long to get off the bottle. Do you have kids. She said “No.” I said, ” Ohhh, Then you don’t have any experience with babies.” She said well, if you want to take her off the bottle. I said we’ll leave her on for a while longer. It only takes a few days to weene her off.” She agreed.
    I’m not a grandma by reading a book! 🙂 kids are all different.

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