Tic Tac Toe Three In A Row!!

Yup, you’ve got it! I turned tic tac toe into a sight word game. I’m not sure if this was genius or crazy but she enjoyed it!  So let’s get out our trusty sidewalk chalk and draw a tic tac toe board!

I made the board big enough to take up almost a whole square on the side walk. The write the sight words in each square.

(Pic for proof!)

Now, I don’t have any bean bags so we just did rocks against sticks and it worked out pretty well.

She had to read the word before placing her rock in the square. Then continue to play tic tac toe like normal.

(Pic for proof!)

We played a couple of rounds before she wanted to make a new board and write in the words herself.

(Pic for proof!)

I love when after we do one of these activities she wants to do it again and write it herself!


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