… it just dawned on me

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to incorporate preschool into our homeschool days for my 2 and a half year old. 

Ok, ok, I said I’d be honest…. I’ve been freaking out about HOW to homeschool preschool for my 2 and a half year old. My mind is racing with “What is she supposed to know? What does she know? How can I do all of this in the cheapest way possible? Pinterest don’t fail me now!!! Oh wait, all those moms are super creative, how the heck do they find time to make all this stuff and keep it organized!?!?! Holy crap! I can’t do all this and still work with my eldest plus run my business plus run my house plus go to homeschool group activities plus keep my sanity!!!!” 

Yes, those are my thoughts. Overwhelming,  isn’t it? It seriously makes me nervous trying to figure out this preschool stuff. I had it easy with my eldest. I was working so we were able to have her in preschool.  By the time we started to homeschool she already knew half of it like how to write, letter and number recognition, how to cut… things like that. 

Well, wait…. it just dawned on me, my youngest isn’t even 3 yet and she knows a lot for a two and a half year old. She can count to 20, she knows her shapes and colors, she can sing the alphabet. Why am I freaking out? She is still little. She has better conversations than most teenagers. And why the heck am I comparing her to anyone!?! 

I need to stop freaking out… she will be fine. Let her have fun and be 2. Like my husband just said “let her be a kid. Most people don’t start teaching their kids that stuff until they are almost in kindergarten. She has time” 

He’s right… she has all the time in the world and homeschool is not a competition. She is learning and she will continue to learn. No need for me to freak out. 


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