Red light! Green light! 

Remember playing Red Light Green Light as a kid? I do! That was a fun game. So here is my twist because I always have one 🙂 

Get you handy side walk chalk and sight word list again! 

In each square on the side walk or about every 3 feet write a sight word. We started at our mail box and went all the way to the alley way. (Pic for proof!) 

Then have you child at the start while you are at the finish line. Face away and yell “Green Light!” Let them run a bit then turn around and yell  “Red Light!” Once you child stops have her read the word in the square she is standing in! (Pic for proof!) 

My kids loved it! We played it again the next day and she helped write 2 new words in each box. So now she had to read all three words when it was a red light.

I really love these activities! But we do have some rain in the forecast! What do you do on rainy days?? I need to figure something out! 


3 thoughts on “Red light! Green light! 

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    1. No, we just kept trying and sounded it out. She usually got it right with the first two tries.

      But I can see moving them back if you wrote quiz questions. Like, what’s the state capital? Or how many eggs make up a dozen eggs? Humm, you have me thinking now…..

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