Not your mama’s hopscotch.

You remember playing hopscotch, right?

Where you draw the board and number all the squares then throw a rock and hop back and forth on the board? It was fun.

Well I made a slight twist to the good ol’ hopscotch game. For this you will need a some sidewalk chalk and a list of sight words.

Now draw your hopscotch board and instead of writing numbers in each square write a sight word in each square.

Now playing it will be a little different too. Yes, we still threw the rock. But when it landed in a square we had to read the word in that square. Then we hopped to the other end of the board while reading each square we landed on. Once we reached the other end we would turn around and hop back again reading each square. Of course, we did pick up our rock on the way back. And there ya go!

Simple. Low prep. And fun!

(Pic for proof!)


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