Let’s take a Cake Walk! 

 We start all our weeks the same by working with our Hooked on Phonics book to learn our new sight words and writing our flash cards. As we tape our flash cards to the word wall we review the old sight words with the new ones. 

The new activity for this week was a CAKE WALK! For this activity you will need sidewalk chalk and a source of music. 

So usually for a cake walk there are numbers placed in a circle and you walk around the circle to music. When the music stops, you stop and you win the prize for the number you are stopped on or someone may pull a number from a hat and if you are standing on the number called you get a prize. At least that’s how I’ve always played. 

Well in Sight Word Cake Walk instead of writing numbers in a circle we are going to write sight words!! Yay!!! 

(Pic for proof!!)

Now you can either play some music or make your own music as your kids walk the circle. I played music from my phone. Stop the music randomly and have him or her read the word they land on. If they get it right, they get a prize! (Prizes are optional of course!) Our prize was playing nail salon!

We had so much fun with this one. The next day my eldest wanted to make one for her little sister. So we made an alphabet cake walk!! 

(Pic for proof!)

The best part of these games is you can change out the sight words with almost anything! Letters, numbers, Math problems, vocabulary word…. the possibilities are endless! 


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