My kids love Chick Fil A! Especially, when we dine in and they get to exchange what ever toy they got for an ice cream.  About a week ago I picked up Chick Fil A on my way home from one of my CPR classes and brought it home for everyone. Of course like many... Continue Reading →

Money, money, money!!!  Yesterday we went over money in the Spectrum 1st grade math book. To make the lesson more realistic, I decided it would be a great idea for IZ to count all the change in her piggy bank. ALL. THE. CHANGE.  I didn't realize there was sooo much!  We dumped out her piggy... Continue Reading →

Forgive me, for I allow screen time... That's right, you read that correctly. I allow screen time. Sometimes I even encourage it! But to be completely honest sometimes I just need a break. No, we don't watch Moana on loop, although I do admit I have probably seen Moana as many times as Frozen now.... Continue Reading →

To summer break or not to summer break?   That IS the question! When I started homeschooling my eldest I had not made up my mind on the summer break yet. I told myself I would see where we were at that point. When discussing public school schedule vs year round schooling with a friend... Continue Reading →

Simon says... touch your nose.  Simon says... hop on one foot.  Now... spin in circles! Ahhh GOT YOU!!  My kids love to play Simon Says. Again, I have added a twist to the old favorite.  You will need your trusty sidewalk chalk and a your sight word list.  This is when I love that we... Continue Reading →

This weeks game was a little different but it was still enjoyable. Next week I might let my daughter take the lead and create her own sight word game. I can tell she wants to be they way she starts trying to tell me how we are going to play the games I come up... Continue Reading →

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how my daughter picked out her own math book. Well... She LOVES it! Spectrum Math Grade 1 We are still in the beginning of her workbook. The first portion of the book is "Checking what you know" she completed this with no issues and is now working... Continue Reading →

What do you do when your day just does not go as planned? This actually happens a lot with us, which is why I love homeschooling. Some days when we go outside to do a new learning activity and no one is interested in being outside. The younger is crying and asking to be held... Continue Reading →

Picking her own math workbook 

Part of the reason we decided to home school is to be more involved in the curriculum choices. Once I saw all the available options I was quickly overwhelmed. I also quickly learned that just because I think it's a great workbook the person actually working out of it might not like it.  So, we... Continue Reading →

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